Hello, In Need of Authors!

Hi everyone.

It’s ccprez. I know I haven’t posted in a while, and I just happened to visit my blog randomly, so I decided to post an advertisement for authors!

Since I am not going on Club Penguin much anymore, I am in need of some authors on the website! If you are interested in becoming an author on this website, please leave a comment!





That’s Right!
Card Jitsu Water Is OUT!
Practice Members To Get Your Outfit Set.
Even Get A Stamp For Falling!
Good Luck!
Blue Pen1004

Club Penguin Field Op Mission 15 Cheats

Today, Monday, a new Field Op is out on Club Penguin. Follow these steps to earn your stamps and medals:

  1. Log in to Club Penguin
  2. Click on your spy phone
  3. Go to the EPF Room
  4. Accept the Field Op

Step 4. Go to the Beach
Step 5. Walk over the green item.

Step 7. Play the game to earn the stamp and achievement medal!
Step 8. You earn a stamp automatically for doing the Field Op and/or logging in.

Fairy Fables Costume Trunk Cheats

Many of us know, the play Fairy Fables, is back to the stage today. There isn’t many new things, but there is a cheat.

Fairy Fables Costume Trunk

To get the Silver Wand, click the cassett section of the radio player.

If you didn’t know, there is a story about the Fairy Fables (click the book above the costume trunk catalog to read it).

Fairy Fables Book

Hello Penguins!!

Hi my name is Johanman, and I’m a new penguin in ccprez’s website.

I will only be posting in this website.

I don’t about my website yet.

Authors needed in my website:


here is a photo of me:

Hey Guys!

Hey guys! It’s Ccprez!

Well, since there haven’t been many posts/comments (although all my authors have done fantastic jobs!), I just wanted to see if there were any people who go to the website that would be interested in doing posts on Club Penguin! If you are interested, please let me know by leaving a comment!

Thank you!

-Ccprez 😀

Art For Haiti Submissions Open!

Hello Penguin,

Last Week Club Penguin Announced The “Art For Haiti Project”
Well, today’s the day to to submit your art!

Rules Before You Submit!
Because this picture is for a special mural, the Do’s and Don’ts are very important. Read them carefully!

Draw between two and four penguins playing together
Draw the picture taking place outdoors.
Draw penguins with only one or two simple items. Like hats and scarves!
Try to use five colors or less.
Use any art style you like! Pencils, pens and paints are great!
Include any personal information (like an address).
Use too many words.
Use anyone else’s pictures.
Draw large or complicated items. (No Squidzoids!)

So, Go Submit Your Art HERE! Good Luck!!

Please, Keep Waddling! 🙂