UPDATE! Penguin Lodge New Money Maker AGAIN!

Ccprez Update: Also, it is not this website’s fault if you get banned from Club Penguin using this moneymaker, and it is not our fault that it doesn’t work.

Thank you.

I just found out that the Penguin Lodge CP Money Maker is up and running again! Take advantage and visit. Also, it now goes up to 100,000 coins! And you can reuse it alot of times! Here’s the link! http://penguinlodge.com/club-penguin-money-maker/ Take advantage of this limited time opportunity to finally become rich! This actually works!! Use it for your needs! Use it wisely!  (Caution: you can only use it once every few hours.) I just found out, it’s awsome! Please comment!



42 Responses

  1. Dude its down and not WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ccprez: It’s not his fault that it’s not working. Ask Club Penguin Lodge.

  2. its working,at least on my computer. It has been working for a long time

  3. Why isnt it working???????

  4. Sorry people, I’m not on the website anymore. But I tried right? Thanx for givin’ me the chance ccprez!! We’ll miss u!


  5. its up but NOT WORKING!!!!!!!!! and I dont have any coins on club penguin and I am not good at the games but I am good at Bean Counters but it doesnt give me much coins it only gives me 10 coins and thats a bit stupid and I am REALLY MAD that its not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. If it is not working tomorrow I will go MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. my party

    15 may 2010
    server TUXEDO
    time 6:00
    where DOCK

  8. sorry my penguin name is calum101

  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    This think stinks

    • this doesn’t stink poo head!!!!!!! Ur just jealous, it may not work but this web doesnt stink! Understand bully???????

    • i feel your pain ; ( it is down for REPAIRS on mine p.s does it band you from club Penguin.com I never used it before………

  10. Wow nice kinda web thingy. oh yes website! But as the other comments say
    ‘IT DOESN’T WORK ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  11. this stinks my cousin got on and all of the stuff she bought on here is GONE!!

  12. PLEASE HELP!!!

  13. hi now here in uk we stand for good money and sites but we need free member ship your losing 90% of rates an hour if you want them up againg then you better put prices down or great braiton will go hard on you cp

  14. ok pplz the reson its not working its because u no how so meany pplz go on that money maker right? well they always make NEW ones cuz if to meany ppl no about it they almost ALWAYS get sewed by dsiney so they should ether tll the new site or just mak a ne one they amost never win aganst disney’s sew SO THEY SHOULD HAVE A NEW SITE SOON OK!!!!!!!! XD hope that helped!!!!!

  15. CALM DOWN PPLZ THERE GETTING SEWED ok that y its down for repairs!!!! THEY WILL MAKE A NEW SITE LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO SO CALM DOWN ok! there getting sewed by disney. so there they WILL make a new one!! HOPE THAT HELPED U XD

  16. there isnt any thhings to write your cp acount in

  17. Every time I try To Use It It says Webpage not Found!

  18. That is not very nice

  19. rubish not working

  20. wow it worked

  21. wow im about to try this new websit but lolly,sunset,andbobby said it didnt work

  22. wow it acualy works lolly

  23. ca marche pas

  24. This does not ban you i did it before ALOT cuz i had 1 million coins but its down for repairs now and its been down for about 5 months

  25. nope
    doesn’t work for me but once it did
    that was awesome

  26. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  27. The money maker is currently down for repairs. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

    -Greeat when I actually need money (i normally don’t) of course it has to be down for repairs… -.-

  28. there trying to still ur account

  29. there stealing ur account

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